Welcome to my website

I am a woodcut printmaker based in Sussex. Here on my website you will find a selection of my latest works, most are from the South Downs, as this is my home and a great love, I do have pieces from further afield, and am also open to commissions.

I draw directly from the landscape onto wooden blocks, I then carve into the blocks and print from them. All of my work is handmade and each one of my pieces is given individual life though chine colle (paper overlay) and hand tinting, just as the mood of a scene shifts with light, time and experience.

I spend time in the places my work depicts, returning to them. My prints are imbued with the emotion of place. Working outdoors enables me to connect with the spirit of the place, capturing the line and fluidity of scenes and localities.

Alongside my regular galleries I am always happy to show customers a section of prints at bip-Art workshop in Kemptown, www.bip-Art.co.uk just be in touch to arrange a viewing.


I am very excited to be showing my work this year for the first time.. On a boat!

House boat 'Verda' is in Shorham-by-Sea, you can walk across the foot brdge from the high street, or drive around to the Shorham beach and park at the riverbank next to the play park.

Verda is the boat made up of a bus, fire engine, plane wing and large red and white wobble metal disc, you can't miss it, and it's a site not to be missed!

We are open weekends until Sunday 15th June from 11am-5pm Saturday and Sunday. There's lots of great arts and crafts to see, my work as well as others, if you missed the open house in Brighton this is a great place to see some art. There is a trail and lots of other houses open.

I will be there in person on the 7th June when there will also be a festival on the green. Hope to see you there.

I will be showing new work (not on this website yet) and some of my old favorites.

Or have a look at the Gallery page on this website, or visit one of the places listed under Art Venues to see my latest works. Please feel free to get in contact if you have any questions. I also run workshops in Woodcut printmaking if you wish to have a go yourself.

Helen Brown